The ABC of individualised childcare

Parents know that every child is a unique individual with distinct ideas, understandings, interests and beliefs. Providing them with individualised care and education becomes critical for their early learning and development, and we believe childcare can be a great option to deliver it.

One of the most common questions we hear at Jumbo given the number of children that attend childcare is, how do you provide individualised care?

There are many ways in which we tailor our work for each child, recognising their uniqueness and contributing to how we cater for their individual needs. Here we’ve listed three:

A) Building meaningful relationships

The educators develop meaningful and respectful relationships with your child and your family.  Educator and family collaboration helps the educators inform and deliver tailored care for each child.

A steady stream of communication between home and the service enables better understanding of your family’s beliefs and values, and the child’s physical, mental, social and spiritual health. This allows us to better shape our teaching and care considering cultural differences, diversity and exclusive needs.

B) Teaching tailored techniques and curriculum

Childhood curiosity and intrigue are filled with endless opportunities for learning and development.  Child emergent curriculum, planned and implemented by the educator, bases the program on the children’s own interests, in turn inspiring and engaging each learner.  This also translates to more meaningful learning and fosters the foundation of a ‘love of learning’ well into the school years.

As part of our curriculum we also take children on regular outings within the local community, much like a nanny would do.  Familiarisation and independence with their surroundings, playground plays, and tram rides, we try to cater for all different interests and keep it fun.

C) Developing daily routines and independence

Proud of our workplace training relationship with the University of Melbourne, we timetable and place a constant stream of up-and-coming early childhood educators.  This keeps a high professional learning standard and allows us to offer a higher educator to child ratio.

Children are also taught valuable independence skills ‘in’ and ‘through’ progressive routines and calm transition times, making available more quality educator one-on-one time with each child.  With a smooth running classroom, the teacher has space to spend more one-on-one time with each child and drive, question and steer their learning further, rather than focusing on classroom behavioral management.

Promoting a nurturing community

The Department of Education & Training governs the National Quality Standard which sets a high benchmark for individualised early childhood education and care, but at Jumbo we try to go beyond. Individualised care at Jumbo aids each child to develop and flourish – socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually – while also offering a nurturing community, providing the best of both worlds!