Sparkly coloured pasta necklaces

Learning with mum and dad at home activity

What you will need:

  • Penne pasta
  • Acrylic paints, a variety of your favourite colours
  • String
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brushes & brushes for glue
  • Water containers for washing brushes
  • Containers for paint mixing (re-use fruit & egg packaging containers, good for sustainability)

This activity came from our Mini Room Leader Neha, as she was coming up with her ideas for planning to help the celebrate Mother’s Day the other day. In her travels, Neha found an old out of date pasta packet in kinder room activity storage. So along with Tully, Joan and Rita we did this successful activity by using five different coloured paints in recycled fruits plastic containers and then we asked the children to decide on the colours they would like to use to paint the pasta pieces.

We used different size and shaped paint brushes to mix their own paint colours and turned them into their desired colours. After giving the pasta good coverage with the paint (a thick consistency to vibrant colour), we carefully placed the pasta to dry in a big flat plastic container overnight.

Hence this morning, we all were super excited when we arrived to see and feel that our paint had dried, to make our necklace’s by threading them with good quality natural string.  As a final step we used PVA glue, as it dries clear, and flicked glitter on the pasta necklaces to give them that special sparkle and twinkle.

The children decided that their necklaces were so pretty that they would like the necklaces to be gifts for mum to take home. With so many bright happy colours and glitters, it made their parent’s day.

This activity has seen us learn & practise so many skills. It was a great activity for all our age groups. The kindergarten (Maxi) children perfected their hand-eye coordination by threading and tying stopper knots to finish off, the toddlers (Mezzo) practiced patience, concentration and cognitive skills while our Nursery children (Minis) showed how clever they are by concentrating and learning from the older children and then attempting the activity by using their fine motor skills along with the educators guidance and assistance.

This activity is highly recommended to do at home with your child. Please keep in mind that when children are wearing the necklace that they are supervised at all times to avoid any potential choking hazards.  Other than that, have fun getting creative!