Developing children’s Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) – Part 2

Tips and advice to help your child develop SEL skills at home To reiterate following on from Part 1, Jumbo Early Education is excited to be taking part in the ‘Be You Program’ developed and delivered by Beyond Blue. The ‘Be You Program’ focusses on growing a mentally healthy generation. The biggest take away from … Continued

Developing children’s Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) – Part 1

How an early education service and families can partner to support children’s wellbeing Jumbo Early Education is excited to be taking part in the ‘Be You Program’ developed and delivered by Beyond Blue. The ‘Be You Program’ focusses on growing a mentally healthy generation. The ‘Be You Program’ assists educators with the knowledge, resources, and … Continued

Sparkly coloured pasta necklaces

Learning with mum and dad at home activity What you will need: Penne pasta Acrylic paints, a variety of your favourite colours String PVA glue Paint brushes & brushes for glue Water containers for washing brushes Containers for paint mixing (re-use fruit & egg packaging containers, good for sustainability) This activity came from our Mini … Continued

Mathematics is everywhere

Mathematics is everywhere. We teach it in so many ways. Here are just a few. Talking about Maths: It is important to use mathematical language with our children in meaningful ways. Developing mathematical language connections and understandings early will help build the foundations from which more complex processes can develop, primarily problem solving. Maths language … Continued

Cubism at home!

This week’s crafty recommended activity focuses on reusing materials to create our own fun and exciting masterpieces! As we all know with the amount of packaging these days, it is super easy to accumulate boxes, yet when it comes to boxes and a little imagination, the amount of fun that can be had is endless.  … Continued

7 Tips for learning from home in early childhood education

What does a learning from home model look like? We believe the most important thing is staying connected with you, our families. This will provide you with a trusted resource you can access if you wish and will enable a smooth transition back to on-site program delivery once this is possible. Where do I start? … Continued

How children change your life

  “There are many different kinds of bravery. There’s the bravery of thinking of others before one’s self.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan   Everyone knows that having a baby will change your life. Your family and friends have told you how rewarding it is yet what little sleep to expect. But there are many more … Continued

The (not so) secret formula to well-behaved kids

Parents often comment how their children happily follow instructions at Jumbo, but at home are expert at doing the opposite! Some parents even call it ‘home devils and childcare angels’. And we have to admit, all children know, very early on, how to press their parents’ buttons. While we don’t have a magical secret formula … Continued

How to have a seamless start to childcare or kindergarten?

Starting at childcare or kindergarten can be a challenging transition time for families. Children feel separation anxiety, parents worry that their child won’t be cared for in the same way the parents do, and yet others might think that their children cannot flourish without them . In recent times, added pressures on parents make this … Continued

Dress for success at long daycare and Kindergarten

Princesses and fairy dresses, cartoon imaged t-shirts and runners that light up – children love to dress up and parents love to dress them up too.  While clothing is one way for both parents and children to express their culture, individuality and personality, the clothes your child wears to long day care and kinder make … Continued