How children change your life

  “There are many different kinds of bravery. There’s the bravery of thinking of others before one’s self.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan   Everyone knows that having a baby will change your life. Your family and friends have told you how rewarding it is yet what little sleep to expect. But there are many more … Continued

The (not so) secret formula to well-behaved kids

Parents often comment how their children happily follow instructions at Jumbo, but at home are expert at doing the opposite! Some parents even call it ‘home devils and childcare angels’. And we have to admit, all children know, very early on, how to press their parents’ buttons. While we don’t have a magical secret formula … Continued

How to have a seamless start to childcare or kindergarten?

Starting at childcare or kindergarten can be a challenging transition time for families. Children feel separation anxiety, parents worry that their child won’t be cared for in the same way the parents do, and yet others might think that their children cannot flourish without them . In recent times, added pressures on parents make this … Continued

Dress for success at long daycare and Kindergarten

Princesses and fairy dresses, cartoon imaged t-shirts and runners that light up – children love to dress up and parents love to dress them up too.  While clothing is one way for both parents and children to express their culture, individuality and personality, the clothes your child wears to long day care and kinder make … Continued

How does Jumbo support its community?

Jumbo Early Education loves that it is a service associated with a good cause beyond providing long day care and kindergarten education.  Jumbo engages in corporate social responsibility in the form of donations to The Jim Stynes Foundation which in turn supports a number of carefully chosen charities that benefits disadvantaged young people in Melbourne. … Continued

10 Benefits of Incident Reporting in childcare

No matter how big or small, an incident report is a report that specifies any unusual event, injury, trauma and illness. The reporting of ‘bigger’ incidents is obviously necessary, including but not limited to phone calls to parents to collect sick children and updates after advice from medical professionals. However, you may have also had … Continued

3 state primary school options in South Wharf

Choosing a primary school for your school-ready child can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Much like choosing an education and care service, taking a tour of the school and meeting with the principal can help you with making a decision on the primary school that is the right fit for your child and … Continued

How does Jumbo ensure the safety of the children?

Minimising the spread of germs and keeping children healthy whilst in childcare and kindergarten is challenging at times.  Especially in the winter months when cold and flu viruses rear their ugly heads! In order to meet the ‘Quality Area 2’ National Quality Standard – to safeguard and promote children’s health and safety, minimise risks and protect … Continued

Help me! Am I a helicopter parent?

What is a helicopter parent anyhow?! The ‘helicopter parent’ buzzword has become immensely popular in recent years. However, while many people use it, its meaning and the implications it has on children’s development are rarely understood. To help us shed some light on this popular concept, psychologist and Jumbo parent, Yulia Bondarenko, explains in this … Continued