Learning through play! The ins and out of play-based learning

Do you remember all the games you used to play as a child? Remember your toys and puzzles, your imaginary friends, and all the parties and adventures you could go to from the middle of your living room? Playing, with real people or in your imagination, helped you explore, discover and learn about the world … Continued

7 Tips to Implement ‘Visual Learning’ at Home

At Jumbo’s kindergarten, we use the concept of ‘visible learning’ for our teaching. Visible learning means that learning must be seen and obvious, not assumed. Teachers are aware of the influence they are having on their students and from the evidence of this impact, they make decisions about how to adjust their teaching.   We evaluate … Continued

Encouraging ‘independent play’ in toddlers

Toddlers love to play! It serves as a fun way for them to learn and explore about everything, and grow their understanding of the world around them. For our young ones to feel connected to the world around them, providing them opportunities to practice self-care and self-help skills are essential. They form the building blocks … Continued

The ‘Play, Learn, Grow’ Program

Parents and carers have already been doing an amazing job during these challenging times. This program ‘Play, Learn, Grow’ has been designed to provide families with information and ideas of easy activities to do at home. Play Learn Grow is a text message program for parents and carers of two-year-old and three-year-old children in Victoria. … Continued

Being in tune with music

Music is everywhere. It is playing on street corners, our cell phone ringtone, in waiting rooms, and in almost every advert. You hear it reverberating from someone’s earbuds on the tram, from a mum as she soothes her child, and even in our doorbell as it rings “Ding, ding, dong” to announce a guest.   But … Continued

The importance of outdoor play all year round

In the cooler months in Melbourne, something we often hear is how the weather is so ‘bad’ and how we can’t go out to play when the weather is ‘bad’. This mentality has been around for as long as I can remember from being a child where we would be stuck inside due to the … Continued

Safe return to childcare and kindergarten

Is it safe to send your child back to or start at childcare? As many workplaces begin to reopen their doors, you may be wondering, “Is it safe to send my child back to childcare and kindergarten during this time?”. It’s completely understandable to be nervous. While research shows that children are not as susceptible … Continued

Understanding and responding to biting

Biting can be a very stressful thing for families to deal with regardless of whether their child is the ‘biter ‘or the ‘bitee’!  Experiencing biting amongst young children is not unusual. Although there is a lot of research about it, no one has a magic solution or explanation, however no need to despair. Many options … Continued

The paradox of parenting young children – building resilience and independence

Paradox – a seemingly contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true. (Oxford Dictionary)  These days, it isn’t hard to argue that we, parents, have reached a point where we molly-coddle our children too much. Admittedly sometimes, how can we not? As a mother, I understand that our children … Continued

Handling temper tantrums: a mum and educator experience

As a mum of a wonderful, energetic, and full of spunk two-year-old daughter and the Jumbo nursery room leader, I am with children aged between 6 weeks and two years old around the clock! Through my studying on early childhood, reflecting on everyday experiences, trial and error, along with a calm and patient manner, I … Continued