Meet the team

Tahnaya – Acting Director & Educator

My name’s Tahnaya and I’ve been in the early childhood education field for almost 10 years. I’ve spent time in Long Day care centres, overseeing other educators’ programs as a field officer for Family Day Care and I’ve taught both the Certificate & Diploma qualifications for child care. In my role at Jumbo, I love to support the toddlers in their growing independence skills and all sides of their physical and cognitive development. I also love spending time in the office, alongside Kirsty, learning and implementing the administration side of things. At home, my husband and I have 11 nieces and nephews between which makes for huge family gatherings! We have an American Bulldog named Luna and a cat named Molly. Molly and Luna are like our babies and are very spoilt! In my spare time I like to spend time with family and get out to the bush to do some camping and 4WD.

Jade – Educator

I have had the pleasure of working at Jumbo for over three years now. I’m balancing being a working mum and loving every minute of it! I have been working in the childcare industry since 2013 and will be further developing my skills building on my Diploma of Education to commence my Bachelor of Education degree.

At home, I have a beautiful partner, a gorgeous son who is also a Jumbo resident and three purr-fect cats. My favourite things include animals, travelling, nature, astrology, music and all things spooky!

Yunnan (Lisa) – Educator

I graduated from Monash University with a degree in Master of Early Childhood Education and joined the Jumbo family. I work with all the age groups here at Jumbo but spend most of time in Mezzo room. I enjoy getting involved and playing with the children and teamwork with my Jumbo colleagues to strengthen the children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. I enjoy, and my strengths include singing, playing the piano and drawing, thus, engaging children in music and art activities. I am also bilingual in English and Chinese, and confident in supporting the children who can only speak mandarin to build their sense of belonging and make them settle down as soon as possible.

Cooking, listening to music and reading are my three hobbies. Most of my spare time is taken up by shopping for cooking ingredients and trying different recipes. Music is as important as air in my life.

Yuping – Responsible Person

I graduated from the Diploma of Childcare Education at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in 1995. Then began working at the City of Whitehorse Council Elland child care centre for two years and later at the Richmond Multicultural Children Centre as a room leader for almost 19 years. In March 2017, I started working at Jumbo. I like working at Jumbo because of the very nice environment and all the friendly staff. Our management team are especially kind to the staff, the children and their parents. I think this is very important, because when you are in a good mood at work, you do your job better. I have a grand daughter who is 4 months old and I enjoy spending time looking after her on weekends. I also love painting and cooking. Of course, my favourite thing to watch are Chinese TV drama series.

Neha – Educator / Room Leader

I started my career in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2015. I hold a Certificate 3 and Diploma of Early Childhood Education. I enjoy working here at Jumbo Early Education center and am now the room leader in the nursery.  I enjoy the critical reflection planning cycle and developing our room curriculum. Having a daughter of my own, I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge regarding child development and how I can best support an enriched learning environment with lots of opportunities for the nursery children to learn, grow and develop too.

It’s always been a passion of mine to work with children, knowing that I can make a difference in their lives. I enjoy developing connections with the children, their families and the local community and understand that learning is a lifelong journey. That’s why I believe in ‘let kids lead the way, we are here to support and teach them skills to inquire and love to learn about things they are interested in’.

Tching – In-House Chef

I come from East Timor and have been living I Australia since the 1990s. I have two sons that are all grown up and looking after themselves! Previously I worked in the Multicultural Children’s Centre in Richmond with Yuping. Yuping encouraged me to come and work with her here at Jumbo.

I enjoy working at Jumbo both in the rooms directly with the children and preparing scrumptious meals in the kitchen. I am very happy in the Jumbo environment as the educators and management give us space and agency to be creative and self-driven.

Rachael – Music Teacher / Educator

I was born in Maryland, USA and arrived to Australia in 2017 after living in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and most recently the UK. I received my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood at RMIT in 2018 and I am currently studying to receive my Master’s in Primary Education whilst transitioning from provisional to fully registered kinder teacher.

I have worked with children as a nanny, caregiver, event planner, co-teacher, and toddler group leader. I have run after school programs in both music and art from kinder-primary and teaching the music program at Jumbo has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I have known. I believe as educators we do not just shape young minds but that we co-create irreplaceable ideas and learning together that contributes to our world for the better. What an honour it is to grow and learn together!

Tully – Art Teacher / Educator

I work collaboratively in the 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten team. I’ve been working with children since 2015. I have my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood and am excited to be embarking on my Diploma of Education. I love the visual arts, particularly drawing and painting. I also love drama and performing in theatre productions.

My interests apart from art and theatre include Auslan sign language and also learning circus flying trapeze. I enjoy using my creative interests and talents when working with the children. I love engaging with and observing the children’s joy and progress in the creative and artistic space.

Serena – Educator

I developed a passion for working with children while I was completing the practical side of my diploma in Early Childhood. I strive to guide them into the next stage of development in a safe, positive, and fun, nurturing way with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning.

Krishnaveni – Educator

I am Krishnaveni and known as “Krishna” in Jumbo. I completed my diploma in Early childhood education, started my career with Jumbo in 2018.

As an educator, I assist the children to develop their physical and emotional well-being, good hygiene practice, language development. And helping to provide a safe and secure environment for the children. I have a wonderful family with two awesome children and I love spending most of my time with them.

Anna – Teacher / Person of Responsibility

My name is Anna. I started working at Jumbo in 2016.  I was working part time in retail within the DFO, I walked past Jumbo whilst it was being built and asked if I could complete my student placement here? This placement inspired me to pursue my educational studies further. I went from completing my Diploma of Early Childhood to becoming a teacher with Bachelor of Education. I love ‘being’ at Jumbo with such a great team of people. I use the word ‘being’ instead of ‘working’ because I can’t consider it work, I love it so much. I love collaborating with Nikki and Tully as we continue to strive our efforts to create and provide your children with the best kinder curriculum there is. I also love embracing greater leadership roles within Jumbo and nurturing children on their own learning and developmental journeys.

Nikki – Kindergarten Teacher / Person of Responsibility

My name is Nikki and I am the kindergarten teacher in Maxi room. I have been working in early childhood for three years with different age groups and I absolutely love all the ages. (I used to be an accountant working within the corporate sector but didn’t love it!) Teaching is an interesting job because children have infinite possibilities. People say, ‘a child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark’. I believe children are the reflection of ourselves. What they know and how they behave are the true reflection of what we teach and how we act. I love seeing the sparkles in their eyes and the funny but creative thoughts that they share are a true joy for me. I love traveling and tasting different kinds of food. My favourite country is Japan – the country that you can find food anywhere with good quality. Although I am not a good cook, I am a good eater!

Joan – Educator / Room Leader

My name’s Joan and I’ve completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Media Communication. My goal in early childhood education is to develop the necessary skill sets to work in the field of special needs education and eventually become a paediatric psychologist.

Being able to provide assistance to the youngest babies of the Jumbo family has been nothing but amazing and fulfilling; watching them achieve their growth and developmental milestones through interactive play and activities makes it all worth it. A child’s world is pristine in each and every moment and I look forward to learning from them everyday at Jumbo.

Always up to discover delectable brunch places and quiet beaches during my free time!

Rita – Educator

My name’s Rita and I’m currently working towards completing my Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education. I’ve had a passion for teaching for as long as I can remember and have only grown more and more inspired to teach since starting at Jumbo. I absolutely love having the opportunity to encourage learning and curiosity and to help each child reach their potential.

Romina – Educator

Hello , my name is Romina.  I am originally from Italy and I moved to Melbourne 4 years ago. I am completing my diploma in early childhood education. I have been  working as a nanny in Italy for more than 2 years. I learnt a lot about children routines and I felt as being part of a second family. I have been working at Jumbo for since 2019. I really love working here because there is a really warm environment and friendly staff. Every day in Jumbo is a new discovery. I like play and do activities with children to help them to develop their skills.

I love travelling especially around Europe but I hope to travel all the world in the future.

Cilla – In-House Chef

Hi, my name is Cilla. I share chef duties here at Jumbo with Tching. Given my Italian background I love cooking and every year my family and I cook up a storm over many days preparing and jarring up our family’s secret recipe for red sauce (passata) and making our salamis. Apart from my love of cooking pasta dishes, I love creating desserts and cakes for afternoon teas. I feel great satisfaction when the plates comes back to the kitchen clean after meal times! The toddlers and kinder children always stop by for a chat at the kitchen window keeping me on my toes with requests for pieces for fruit and meal requests.