How does Jumbo support its community?

Jumbo Early Education loves that it is a service associated with a good cause beyond providing long day care and kindergarten education.  Jumbo engages in corporate social responsibility in the form of donations to The Jim Stynes Foundation which in turn supports a number of carefully chosen charities that benefits disadvantaged young people in Melbourne.

To date Jumbo has helped to support several quality charities including Confident Girls, Helping Hoops, Light House Foundation, Inclusive Sport, Face Up To DV and Odyssey House. Although we help others, what we may forget to think about is how helping others actually also helps our community here at Jumbo!   Here are three of the major benefits:

  • Making a Difference

Whilst our educators could work anywhere, they chose to work at Jumbo as they like being an integral part of a service with the dual purpose of providing quality education and care and supporting a good cause.  Our educators find great satisfaction in helping to generate income that has positive social implications within the community of Melbourne.  The educators say that, “The way the service treats the community suggests good things about how it perceives and respects the educators”.  As our educators feel a valued part of a team they are more comfortable to bring their authentic self to Jumbo, which leads to increased engagement.  The educators also feel energized by the opportunity to be creative with their skill set for a good cause.

  • A Positive Culture

Bonded by genuine, respectful and vibrantly healthy relationships our educators thrive both professionally and personally.  Choosing to be an educator is a career where personal rewards have traditionally always far outweighed any financial one.  With this in mind the philanthropic spirit goes hand in hand with the natural personality types of our high caliber staff.  By role modeling and living the bigger picture concepts and successfully illustrating the benefits of helping others a flow on effect is created positively impacting on our enrolled children and their families and the extended Jumbo community.

  • Aligning Values

An added bonus of choosing projects that make a difference and work to maintain a positive culture has been watching the developing relationships with management, educators and families grow extensively beyond our initial expectations.  A shared social consciousness is being developed which increases engagement on all levels and fosters an environment that has true social value.  The children see in practice the benefits of helping others and begin to appreciate the personal rewards that this can provide us.  At best we see an inquiry into the nature of the self, our beliefs and values and all our human relationships those with families, friends, communities and cultures.  Ultimately we look at rights and responsibilities and what it means to be human.