Jumbo offers two tailored services for little ones from six weeks to three years old: the Mini and Mezzo rooms. Our qualified and nurturing educators run the room as an effective, efficient and warm team.

In the Mini room we strive to create a family feel everyday between the educators, the babies and the parents. All educators in the Mini room help the babies to learn and develop in order to reach their milestones by guiding and supporting them every step of the way.

As each child’s needs are different, we have flexible routines for the babies and try to mimic their routine at home as best we can. As the babies grow and become more independent, they organically adapt to a more regular routine which supports their continued growth and development.

In the Mini room everyone has a lot of fun. The babies have a special and safe outdoor space allocated to them so they can freely crawl/walk around with their friends and we enjoy going on regular outings on local walks using our 6 seater prams to get that extra fresh air and vitamin D.

Educators tend to pop into the Mini room even when on break, just to a share a few smiles or cuddles. The educators in the Mini room feel extremely lucky to be able to offer extra special care and lots of love to the youngest ones in our service!

In the Mezzo room, our philosophy is strongly focused on enriched learning through play. The learning experiences and activities, while guided by an educator, are mostly child driven. We make use of contemporary ‘Units of Inquiry’ (a 6-8 week in-depth exploration of a concept) which can be child or teacher initiated and involves various experiences which all relate to a central topic.

The educators in the toddler room make it a focus to build meaningful, trusting and respectful relationships with the children. Via a familiar yet flexible daily routine, children develop independence skills in the Mezzo room and we encourage children to progress their self-help skills such as dressing and undressing, toileting, hand washing and many more.

Toddlers are also learning to navigate their emotions so we spend lots of time supporting the children to recognise and deal with their various emotions in a caring and age appropriate manner. We also go on regular outings throughout the week into our local community and on excursions in line with our Units of Inquiry. In the Mezzo room we have loads of fun with music and dancing, story times, sensory play (water, sand, and mud), creative time, dramatic play, arts and crafts and much more!

Story park is uploaded daily so families can sign in to share information with us and see what their little one has got up to during the day. Individual portfolios are also shared with each child’s learning and development journey.