3 state primary school options in South Wharf

Choosing a primary school for your school-ready child can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Much like choosing an education and care service, taking a tour of the school and meeting with the principal can help you with making a decision on the primary school that is the right fit for your child and the family.

The state government primary school system in Victoria works using a zoning system. This means that the child is eligible to enroll in the primary school within the zone in which they live. Currently there are a lot of developments regarding state primary schools in the South Wharf area making it a little confusing so we’ve decided to put together a list of schools around the area to help clear some of your doubts, see below!

South Melbourne Primary School
129 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne
9935 9399
Principal – Noel Creece

This is Victoria’s first vertical state school. Recently up and running early 2018, the brand new facility with five stories it is proving to be a very popular school amongst its local community. Principal Noel Creece’s enthusiasm is infectious! One of our Jumbo mum’s told us “…particularly impressed by the communication, update reminders, inclusion support and friendly staff.”

Located a stone’s throw from the South Melbourne Market and public transport the school is innovation of unprecedented integration of shared school and community facilities.

Port Melbourne Primary School
415 Graham Street, Port Melbourne
9646 1001
Principal: Peter Martin

Port Melbourne Primary has been very sought after due to the gentrification of the suburb over recent years. Portables were brought in to accommodate the overflow of enrolments! 5.4 million dollar have been injected from the 2017/2018 state budget to relocate modular buildings, upgrade the arts and music buildings along with building a new gym for the school.

The principal, Peter Martin, pro-active in his role has written to the Department of Education requesting a full review of the boundaries of all local primary schools for the 2019 school year, as the opening of the new South Melbourne Primary School is an ideal opportunity to redraw the boundaries such that as many families as possible are zoned to their nearest primary school whilst ensuring a balanced spread of enrollments throughout the local area.

South Melbourne Park Primary School
29A Albert Road Drive, Albert Park
Principal: Rosemary Cosentino

Due to open their doors Term One 2019, Principal Rosemary Cosentino’s vision for the school is for them to be leaders in education. The new school, which will start taking enrolments in the very near future, is a stand alone co-educational Foundation to Grade 6 facility with availability for 550 students. The new primary school is located in Albert Park Reserve right near Albert Park Lake and is surrounded by unique flora and fauna close to sporting facilities such as the Institute of Sport, Athletics Victoria and MSAC.

Other pre-existing zoned state primary schools around the South Wharf with good educational reputations include:

  • Footscray Primary School
  • Albert Park Primary School
  • Middle Park Primary School

Which one should you choose?

All of the public (and private) primary schools in and around South Wharf have excellent educational reputations. The new primary schools in the area have state of the art designs and impressive facilities.

A good first step is to visit the school and chats with the principal. For the new schools, you can also look to communicate with families that have recently begun Foundation, to get an idea of what the schools are like once they are up and running in full swing.

Last but not least, remember to discuss it with your child and keep them involved in the process.